Tonight we are going back in history to 1997…..

12247005_1126581030693892_3271222376339726462_nSo tonight John Miller and Ashly Russell with host The John Miller Program for the last time this year. Over the last few months John has been going back in time, but tonight he will go WAY BACK to the first shows he did on the internet. We go back to the garage with my first co-host Gib Green AKA: Dick Bonehard and our DJ Neil Parish. We have not been in the same studio in 18 years!! There will be story’s never told before, till now. Also just in case we need a boost we have Mike Spiegelman, Long time supporter of the station and the JMP! This all starts at 6:00 PM PST in the world famous “Studio 1A” at FCCFREE RADIO!!


~ by admin on January 20, 2016.

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