The John Miller Program with Ashly Russell, Its John’s Birthday.

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This was John’s birthday, the last one that the stars all aligned. The bar next door was still open Mr. Smiths, a bunch of friends were there and my co-host Ashly was there for the last birthday show that was broadcasted. Phil Toole, PJ Boston, Luke “Short Bus” Sauer, and Howard Stone, Marlon “Feast” Kasburg and last but not least good friend of 24 years Phil Perrier attended. It two hours of comedy, so get your duct tape to hold your kidney. So enjoy the John’s last birthday podcast, they all did!!

This clip is from “Late Night” 2/11/2013

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Here is a clip from a Saturday night. John wanted to start back up a favorite show name from Phoenix AZ. So “Late Night with John and Susan” was on the air thru FFR’s station pirate 107.3 FM in San Francisco. Also via the interwebs

John Miller and Susan Maletta hosted Travis “Too Much” Curry. This segment of “Late Night” was all most too much. Do yourself a favor and download this and make sure you have headphones pluged in. NSFW…

Once again it’s Tuesday… and that means only one thing…..

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20+ Years of Broadcast Excellence

Well the holiday’s are here…. and John Miller and Ashly Russell will ease you into to all of the holiday bull on the longest running webcast. Here is the lineup for the world famous The John Miller Program w/Ashly Russell. Tonight we have two past guests and one new! This Tuesday at 6:00 PM in the “John Miller Studios” of FFR. We welcome back Cheryl White and Pam Benjamin and for the first time via phone Jeff Applebaum. But till then you get their last offering…

It’s time once again for the “Longest Running Webcast”

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Tonight at 6:00 PM PST the “Longest Running Webcast” The John Miller Program with Ashly Russell returns with at least two guests, one new one old. This week our first time guest is Michael Capozzola and for the 1000th time ( don’t hold me to the math) our old friend Howard Stone. This all happens at the “John Miller Studios” on the Studio 1A feed of FCCFREE Radio…

It’s been a long day but…….. it’s time for the JMP!!

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Well after John and Ashly’s vacation they are back and ready to knock out another JMP!! Tonight they will talk about what they did with there time off.  They have one hell of a show booked for Tuesday’s The John Miller Program w/ Ashly Russell!! Guest are…. Returning guest Hannibal Thompson… Next up is first time guest Shelly Strebel. This will be one hell of a show for sure!! This all starts at 6:00 PM in the world famous “John Miller Studios” at FCCFREE Radio!!

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means……

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With it being the end of summer The John Miller Program with Ashly Russell has been on hiatus, but tonight they come back to do this podcast. John had got invited to be a contestant on The Date Talk Game back in July. He was one of three men to play the game, and at the end Yvette Fernandez picked #2. This is the brain child of Cheryl White and Ira Summer. He took along his partner in crime Ashly Russell for support so she will be able to fill in the blanks. Make sure to tune in at 6:00 PST only on FCCFREE Radio to find out the debauchery that is the JMP!! They will be back in studios in October to keep the show going as “The Longest Running Webcast” at 18 years and counting!!

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