My Haters are My Motivators on the JMP tonight……

13133349_1231004750251519_1747011439490955565_nSO tonight on the last podcast before John’s birthday(55) we booked an show to remember.  It will be a night of John slurring his words and his co-host Ashly Russell telling him he is!! Guests will be Thomas Mayfield(futon show was his last time on) and Kristee Ono (first time guest) are in for a great time with returning guest Cheryl White.  At the 1/2 point they will hit the bar next door to the station (Mr. Smiths) for a shot. So make sure to tune in for this live debauchery of the airwaves from the world famous “John Miller Studio” in the heart of San Francisco on FCCFREE RADIO at 6:00 PM LIVE.

~ by admin on July 14, 2016.

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