John in 2003 on the Mark Shander Show on KFHX 1100 AM in Fountain Hills Arizona

kfhx1100amAZThese recordings come from the summer of 2003. John was on Shander Radio with his girl friend that he met on the Yahoo Personals. its a 4 hour show that was live on KFHX 1100 AM in Fountain Hills AZ. The station also had Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County on Saturdays too. Anyway leaving town was John being driven out by his girl friend so he would not get pull over from taking shit about the sheriff and his posse. So it was a fun time on the radio and I had not done radio as of this in Arizona. It was a kick start to my radio show on KWSS 106.7 FM now it is 93.3 FM this started just a few months later. So hope you enjoy the old scool John Miller.

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