Todd McFarlane Interview 2006

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We talk with Todd about him buying two million plus dollar baseballs, and more sports. Also we talk about Spawn and McFarlane Toys. Myself, Kevin Gassman and Andy Slye host the interview that was on KWSS 106.7 LPFM in Scottsdale AZ

Live Remote from Cafe Du Nord

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This is one of the first LIVE remotes ever for the station. This one is LIVE from a greatest venue ever in San Francisco “Cafe DuNord”. LOVED this place and broadcasted 5 times in one year. M. Dung booked Red Meat for the CD Release Party for the station. FCCFREERADIO.COM PRESENTS RED MEAT CD RELEASE PARTY at Cafe DuNord. The other bands were The Famous and Total B.S. Also, a bunch of hosts were there, Mr Phil, FEAST, Mikey Skulls, Dr Vigs and last but not least, Melinda Adams!! Also, a shout out to the owner of the club Guy!! The was very very close to a sellout for a first swing at doing a gig like this for the station. I know I miss my good friend M. Dung very much. Dung MCed the event and I was good till his last time to interduces Red Meat and I broke down and cried about losing a great friend, and a radio star and Dad. This time he told me if I am going own a radio station, then he told me I need long sleeves and a tie when representing the owner of the brand of FFR. I did not get on the broadcast till the very end and looked like a under paid bus-boy at Dennys. I wore a Tie to the rest of the LIVE remotes for FFR. You will find photos of me looking like a bus-boy on Facebook CLICK Here 

The John Miller Program w/Ashly Russell. Vince Dezi, Running with Scissors CEO.

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 On this show, John and Ashly host the Owner/CEO of Running with Scissors live from his condo in Mexico, Vince Dezi. They talk about RWS release of Postal4 that’s on game platform Steam. John and Vince talk about the possibly of FFR be in the latest Postal4 which was just got added 4 weeks ago with a major update to the game that’s been around sence1997/1998.For more info about Postal and RWS go to or

Also get the game and play all of the chapters of the game at


The John Miller Program w/ Ashly Russell

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This was the last show of 2017. Myself and Ashly hosted Howard Stone and Susan Vincent. Howard was on the podcast more than most. As I go thru the archives, I am starting to think it was The Howard Stone Show about once a month!! We talk about Pimple Porn and how far this one video shows going for a record for distance!! Many feet it went!! It was a tame show for the last show of the year buy still the funniest show podcasting.

The John Miller Program with Rachel Gill 5/25/2013

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So our guests drove from LA and just got out of car and came in to the studios and after are leaving the show and going to the Punch Line Comedy Club here in SF. This was made possible by good friend Bronston Jones, he brought rock legion turned comic Dean Delray, also Jeremiah Walkins, and Earl Skakel. Also at the end you will hear the “Pitbull” of Comedy, Bobby Slayton!! This podcast is pack full of talent. This Is one hour of comedy. Sit back and enjoy the podcast……. Rachel Gill was a great co-host and friend, great times at the JMP!!

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta 11/3/2012

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This is the show where we jump the chicken so to speak, Isaac Ames brought his rooster! Susan had booked a Chicken for the show along with me booking Bob Ruben. Bob was pacing the floor in front of the studio saying “What the Fuck am I doing here?” “How am I going to follow a chicken?” I would play this podcast when you want cry, because its so fuckin funny it made me cry!! Bob Ruben is one of the funniest humans on the planet. If he is on earth…Enjoy one of the funniest shows that should have been a Train wreck, but I turned it around!! I have no idea how I did it, but I did!! The fun starts at 1:00….

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