It’s time once again for The John Miller Program

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johnandashlySo it that time once again for the longest running webcast The John Miller Program w/Ashly Russell. Tonight guests will be two unlikely guests to be at the studios of FCCFREE Radio.  John Miller and Ashly Russell will host Pam Benjamin  from Mutiny Radio and Michael Rosenberg from Radio Valencia.  This all starts at 6:00 PST only on FCCFREE Radio.

It’s that time of the week for the longest running webcast…..

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johnandashlyJohn Miller and Ashly Russell will be live from the world famous “John Miller Studio” at FCCFREE Radio hosting 3 great comics. We will find out what its like to be 55 as the do a recap of John’s birthday.  John Brown and Howard Stone will entertain the hosts for 2 hours of nothing, so much nothing you will want to turn in live at 6:00 PST  to hear them talk about nothing at all. birthday

My Haters are My Motivators on the JMP tonight……

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13133349_1231004750251519_1747011439490955565_nSO tonight on the last podcast before John’s birthday(55) we booked an show to remember.  It will be a night of John slurring his words and his co-host Ashly Russell telling him he is!! Guests will be Thomas Mayfield(futon show was his last time on) and Kristee Ono (first time guest) are in for a great time with returning guest Cheryl White.  At the 1/2 point they will hit the bar next door to the station (Mr. Smiths) for a shot. So make sure to tune in for this live debauchery of the airwaves from the world famous “John Miller Studio” in the heart of San Francisco on FCCFREE RADIO at 6:00 PM LIVE.

Its time for a new instalment of The John Miller Program

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johnmillerprogramlogo1On the show tonight John Miller and Ashly Russell will host the longest running webcast, on the show will have two newbies. Guests will be Pete O’Keefe and Clay Newman. Also we will be celebrating Gunner Russell’s birthday, he is 10 now!! So make sure to tune in to the crazy we call The John Miller Program at 6:00 PM only on FCCFREE RADIO!!!!